We are trial lawyers

Victory at trial is won by witnesses and exhibits who tell a story. At Patton & Ryan, we make sure they tell your story – and that they tell it well.

No one tries more cases

John W. Patton, our founding partner, has personally tried over 250 jury cases. Our partners and associates have tried hundreds more. Whether the case concerns a business dispute, product liability, intellectual property, or catastrophic injury, we specialize in distilling complex facts and law for the trier of fact. In the current legal marketplace, few firms come close to our experience; fewer still can match our record.

There is no such thing as litigation

Understanding the endgame of trial and verdict means we understand litigation is not an end in itself. We add value every hour because we know that discovery and motion practice are tools for success at trial, not exercises in billing. There is no such thing as litigation: you’re getting ready for trial, whether you know it or not.

Trial lawyers get better results

Successful settlements begin with strong trial preparation. Appellate victories depend on a strong trial record that develops key issues. At Patton & Ryan, we try more cases that come to us from other firms than those that we handle from inception. That’s because knowing how to get a trial result is the best way to get an advantageous settlement or dispositive ruling in your favor.

We are trial lawyers. Ask us how to tell your story.