Claim Against Off-Duty Chicago Police Officer Successfully Resolved

December 20, 2018

Patton & Ryan was recently called to defend an off-duty Chicago police officer who was working as a security guard at a legendary Chicago Restaurant.

Plaintiff, a Canadian who was visiting Chicago to watch an NHL playoff hockey game, was asked to leave the restaurant at closing time. Plaintiff, who had consumed some alcohol before this time, became agitated and heated words were then exchanged between the two. A physical altercation followed where Plaintiff received the brunt end of the bodily harm.

Plaintiff was arrested and later found guilty. Due to extensive media coverage, mostly from third-party cell-phone footage, Plaintiff sued the Defendant indi­vidually and in his role as an officer, the security company for whom the Defendant worked, the res­taurant, as well as the Chicago Police Department for its alleged cover up of the incident.

As a result of Patton & Ryan’s thorough investigation, diligent representation, and vigorous defense tactics, the case was successfully resolved for a fraction of Plaintiff’s demand. Furthermore, the settlement was reached before expensive oral discovery could take place, saving the client thousands of dollars. Lastly, a confidential agreement was reached protecting the client as well as the details of the settlement.