Attorney Malpractice Defense

Attorney malpractice claims are being filed more frequently, and the payouts are rising. Lawyers occasionally face unfounded claims simply because their client was unhappy with the outcome of a case. Our experience in crafting and executing a forceful defense, and our ability to carefully assess both the malpractice case and the original transaction or lawsuit, positions us to successfully resolve our clients’ professional liability matters.

We know that in such cases the status and standing of an attorney can be at stake. Working hard to get results that preserve hard-earned professional reputations, we handle matters with delicacy and discretion. Our attorneys respect confidentiality issues and the need to collaborate with clients to form the best litigation strategies possible. With efficiency and effectiveness as our goal, we adeptly manage negotiations and settlements, but are always prepared to vigorously defend clients in court if that course is warranted, and recover whatever financial losses are incurred.

Typical claims include allegations of ethical violations, contempt of court, and the failure to understand or apply the law, disclose conflicts of interest, and follow proper courtroom or statutory procedures. Plaintiffs in malpractice suits may also point to inadequate investigations or discovery, fraud, as well as planning, calendar, and deadline errors.

Our team represents lawyers in court, in arbitration proceedings, and before professional boards. We approach our defense of attorneys in malpractice suits in the same way we approach our other work: with painstaking preparation, tenacity, and top-notch strategy. Keeping current with the latest developments, our team is up-to-date on the complex and ever-evolving ethics rules.

As staunch defenders of our fellow legal professionals, we also consult with attorneys to help them prevent harmful and time-consuming liability claims.