Catastrophic Loss

Catastrophic loss lawsuits are high-dollar, high-risk cases involving a large death toll, calamitous injuries, or extensive property damage. Clients facing such crises need to rely on shrewd, experienced lawyers who are willing and able to assess damage, circle the wagons, and start protecting their rights and interests as quickly as possible. Insurance company clients tell us that not many lawyers can do what we do in these cases – at least not with the level of success that we regularly achieve. They call us their go-to firm in big-dollar tragedies.

We confidently craft and implement litigation strategies in the aftermath of natural and man-made disasters. Our team places high on many corporations’ shortlists for defending and trying these cases, which can put hundreds of millions of dollars at stake. We help companies protect their reputation and resolve actions in a fast and fair manner. Clients know our lawyers are always prepared to skillfully try cases – even at the last minute, if need be.

We call it “parachuting” — jumping off a plane to support a defendant’s existing counsel under difficult circumstances. Just as often, in complex cases involving catastrophic injuries, we’re asked to take over and first-chair the trial, leveraging the defense counsel’s good work, while adding our unique experience with juries in tough trials.

We regularly work with calamitous events. A fire causes multi-millions of dollars in damage, or a severe accident leaves a person requiring a lifetime of extreme medical costs. A bus turnover kills several people, or a flood ravages a town. A chemical explosion destroys a factory or warehouse. In these situations, clients need tough, steady counsel who will fight for their interests at every turn.

We’re skilled and well-trained at emergency-response investigations. We get to disaster scenes quickly to assess the situation, preserve relevant material evidence, and start formulating the best plan to move forward.