Commercial Litigation

Our commercial litigators are known nationally for deploying smart, innovative, and aggressive tactics in the courtroom to win our clients’ cases. With our deep experience and polished arbitration skills, we’ve also earned a first-rate reputation for our work around the negotiation table. Our goal in handling any commercial, contractual, and transactional dispute is simple: prevail in our steadfast pursuit of gaining the very best strategic outcomes for our clients. The record shows that is what we do best.

Recent studies show that fewer and fewer commercial cases are going to trial. Companies with legitimate injuries or a strong defense nonetheless worry about the cost of trial preparation and the risk of placing their fate in the hands of unknown jurors. This means that very few big-firm “business” litigators have much actual trial experience. That’s precisely why some of the nation’s savviest companies come to Patton & Ryan to resolve their biggest, toughest disputes. When the rubber meets the road, they need a true road warrior.

Our attorneys use an approach that thoroughly but efficiently assesses client concerns. We prepare the best case possible, collaborating closely with clients in disputes that involve the interpretation and enforcement of complex contracts. Our veteran litigators handle such matters as purchase and sale agreement disputes, joint venturer liability, indemnification, procurement of insurance, interpretation of buy/sell obligations, assignment of rights, delegation of duties, and corporate successor liability.

Because we go into a case with extensive knowledge of our client’s business – both the big-picture overview and the subtle nuances of their particular industry – we’re usually one step ahead of opposing counsel. Most plaintiff attorneys are well aware of our successful record in trying cases nationwide, which often leads to the early file closures that reduce clients’ litigation costs. Our reputation for winning tough trials often brings plaintiffs back to the negotiating table with a fair, realistic settlement figure. They’d rather take less than risk losing it all at trial against us.

And, contrary to what some firms claim, when we say “nationwide” we mean it. We normally have active cases in at least 20 different states coast to coast. Whatever the venue, we maintain our commitment to aggressive file handling, meticulous pleading practice and discovery, and thorough and regular client reporting. This approach to handling commercial disputes allows our clients to do what they do best: get back to business.