Construction Defect

The construction business is an enormous burgeoning industry. As the economic recovery spurs more and faster building and development, more lawsuits involving construction defects arise.

Common issues in defective design and construction litigation include problems with excavations; flaws in foundations, staircases, balconies, roofs, floors, and entries; faulty waterproofing and ventilation systems, which can lead to mold growth or sick building syndrome; and unsound stucco or drywall, which can also result in mold.

We typically represent architects, contractors and subcontractors, developers, and other building-industry professionals. Our strong reputation for vigorous courtroom defense often results in the opposition choosing to settle in a way that is advantageous for these construction-profession clients.

Construction defects cases can add a layer of nuance beyond that which found in more straightforward conflicts, like breach of contract cases or lease disputes. To win, the lawyers often must understand the complex science underlying the problem, and be able to explain it simply and effectively to a lay jury. Our trial lawyers bring an in-depth knowledge of pertinent technical details to all construction-defects cases, and many have backgrounds in engineering and related fields. They are skillful in synthesizing complex scientific concepts and strategically presenting them in a way a jury can quickly understand.