Mass Torts

Mass tort claims are proliferating nationwide, and our lawyers counsel clients in virtually every category of such litigation, compiling an impressive record of victories. Whether a case involves pharmaceuticals, medical devices, chemicals, asbestos, consumer products or other products, we know how to synthesize our defense strategy to be consistent with the way the particular product is being defended around the country. We have broad national experience and resources, which greatly benefits our clients, given the national nature of this type of complex litigation.

We are consulted at all stages of these complex matters. Our attorneys will come in early on a mass torts claim, offering an initial analysis of the case, an evaluation of the incident and alleged harm, an assessment of the possible results of litigation, and a comprehensive and aggressive legal strategy.

We also are prepared to “parachute” in days, weeks, or months before trial to support the valuable work of the existing defense counsel, or act as a second set of eyes (or hands) as a case progresses toward trial. Just as often, we are asked to take over first-chair responsibility as settlement seems impossible and a tough trial is approaching. In those situations, we dive in deeply quickly but thoroughly preparing to win at trial.

Our clients have learned that our direct and strategic involvement enables them to negotiate from a position of strength. Our reputation for winning large and complex cases can bring even the most skilled plaintiff’s lawyers back to the negotiating table with a more fair and reasonable settlement position.. In this regard, we’re known nationally as a go-to law firm, successfully finishing what the original counsel could not.

We understand that every client is legitimately concerned about the legal fees and expenses that arise in mass tort litigation; if your attorneys are not conscientious, costs can quickly spiral out of control. While we never cut corners in the defense of our clients, we always deploy a practical, strategic approach that balances vigorous representation with sensible cost containment.

With the knowledge and experience of large firms but the responsiveness and flexibility of a small, focused boutique, we welcome the opportunity to defend companies and individuals in any mass-tort litigation.