Product Liability

Our attorneys take a hands-on approach in counseling clients who are embroiled in product liability litigation. That means we gather, digest, and analyze all the specific details about the design and manufacture of the product and how consumers use it. We have defended companies against allegations that their products caused harm including, e.g. ovens, air conditioners, home appliances, industrial equipment, medical devices, maritime vessels and truck parts..

Companies routinely trust us with the defense of their products, their designs, and their ideas because they know that, regardless of the issues, we will partner with them to develop the strategy, we understand the law, and we know how to litigate the case – and win.

Companies nationwide retain Patton & Ryan because they see in every interaction that we work hard to fully understand the dynamics of the alleged harm so that we can prepare and deliver a strong and strategic defense. These cases require complex technical and evidentiary analysis, and we have built solid relationships with some of the nation’s leading engineers, scientists, and other designers in a wide range of industries and specialty areas. These expert professionals serve as our consultants and expert witnesses in support of the case we’ve crafted, helping us help our clients.

We take pride in our experience, success and our client’s resulting satisfaction. Manufacturers, design engineers, and individual inventors come to us because they know that our seasoned attorneys have been successfully handling product liability cases for more than three decades.