Professional Liability

An accusation of professional malpractice is a serious and potentially damaging charge that requires a hard-hitting defense by experienced legal advocates. Our team concentrates on representing architects, engineers, and other design professionals who face allegations that they breached the applicable standards of care.

Our attorneys have worked full-time in many of the fields we defend, so we are intimately familiar with the science and practice behind them. Understanding the practical demands placed on professionals in a range of occupations, we can craft a vigorous defense designed to protect a client’s professional and personal reputation.

 We have decades of experience defending hundreds of professionals across the nation. We bring a thorough understanding of the issues and challenges such claims produce, and possess a profound breadth of knowledge of the guidelines that these professionals must follow. As soon we are retained, we begin to work in tandem with our client to create a comprehensive defense strategy addressing all issues in the litigation.

Our lawyers then work to simplify the complex issues, to present a clear and understandable defense designed to show the jury how the professional complied with the applicable standards of care.

We know how important each of these cases is to the accused professional, and Patton & Ryan litigators bring the same battle-hardened trial skills to the defense of individuals accused of negligence or malpractice as we do in nine-figure personal injury cases. Our lawyers strive to produce successful, expedient resolutions of claims that reduce or eliminate the potential financial exposure and injury to the professional’s reputation.