Quick Bites – Transportation

December 19, 2017

Patton & Ryan was asked to represent the insurer of a student transportation company that was sued after a driver struck one of its client’s school busses and one of the student-passengers claimed injuries. Given the peculiarities of the Personal Injury Protection scheme in Michigan, which allows a claimant to claim life-long medical expenses, the claim exposed Patton & Ryan’s client to potentially unlimited exposure. Utilizing a depth of knowledge in the area of insurance law, Patton & Ryan convinced all involved that their client’s insurance policy did not provide coverage for the alleged accident. Patton & Ryan, with their deep knowledge of Michigan’s Personal Injury Protection Insurance Statute, was able to threaten the Plaintiff with a motion for disposition citing extremely effective case law and factual information. Rather than face being defeated on a motion, the claimant chose to dismiss Patton & Ryan’s client. The Claimant was so thoroughly convinced of Patton & Ryan’s argument that they apologized to Patton & Ryan and their client for involving them in the suit.