Fortune 100 Company Defense Results In Favorable Outcome

May 3, 2017

Patton & Ryan was recently called to defend a Fortune 100 Company and its subsidiaries in a unique premises, transportation, and workers’ compensation case.

Plaintiff, a bulk driver, suffered a catastrophic injury when he was struck and pinned between a parking block and a lift gate of a backing semi-tractor trailer operated by another bulk driver. Allegedly, Plaintiff went behind the semi-tractor trailer, lowered the lift gate, and started to open the roll door when the semi-tractor trailer began backing towards him.  Plaintiff was unable to move out of the way in time and his leg was pinned.

Due to the incident, Plaintiff’s leg was mangled, which required a below the knee amputation. Plaintiff’s medical damages totaled more than $500,000 and the demand was more than $10 million.

Patton & Ryan vigorously defended the matter and quickly secured summary judgment in favor of the Fortune 100 Company. Thereafter, John W. Patton, Jr., and his team retained five experts to successfully challenge Plaintiff’s account of the accident, the severity of Plaintiff’s injury, Plaintiff’s future medical treatment, life care planning, and economic damages.

As a result of Patton & Ryan’s thorough investigation, diligent representation, and vigorous defense tactics, the case against the subsidiaries successfully resolved for a mere fraction of Plaintiff’s demand following two rounds of mediation.

Patton & Ryan routinely defends Fortune 500 Companies in matters involving catastrophic injury and is ready to defend your company in any jurisdiction at any time.