Employer Liability

Employer liability litigation often arises in construction-related cases. For example, when employees suffer harm – and can’t sue their employer directly because they receive workers’ compensation benefits – they make a case against others on the job site, such as the owner, the subcontractor, and safety manager.

Those third parties, in turn, sue the employer. That’s where we step in. Our lawyers have years of experience and a deep understanding of defending employers in cases where they were brought into the litigation by those third parties.

We’re known for our skills in defending employers in the many ways in which they can be dragged into a lawsuit in construction-related cases and others. They include matters involving third-party actions, loss of consortium, consequential bodily injury, and dual-capacity suits.

Because of our strong and strategic defense, opposing counsel struggle to make headway in the courtroom, and we come out on top in many of these cases. When it’s in the best interests of the employer to settle the lawsuit, we’re always steadfast but reasonable in our negotiations, constantly seeking the best settlement possible for our clients.