Medical Malpractice and Medical Device Defense Litigation

In the healthcare industry, where so much is at stake, patients often are eager to assign blame when outcomes are less than optimal. Although there are no guarantees that surgeries, medication, or therapies will be successful, or that complicated diagnoses are 100% accurate, disgruntled patients regularly file suit when the results are simply not to their liking.

On other occasions, mistakes are made, and patients have legitimate claims that must be fairly and appropriately resolved.

Regardless of the underlying cause, doctors, dentists, psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, hospitals, clinics, and a wide array of other skilled medical professionals and institutions rely on our team to vigorously defend them nationwide against the full range of malpractice claims.

Healthcare professionals, insurance companies, and TPAs trust us to represent their interests fairly and thoroughly in challenging situations. Clients know that our tenacious reputation precedes us, and they often bring us in to motivate rapacious plaintiffs to reduce their settlement offers to a more reasonable figure rather than risk losing it all at trial.

Our lawyers bolster their arguments using the industry’s preeminent experts. We help hard-working jurors understand complex medical issues with simple, clear, and compelling stories and analogies.

We stay current with the emerging trends in medical malpractice law nationwide, issues that may support or inhibit our clients’ defenses. Our strategic approaches may include disproving an element of negligence, arguing that care was in line with medical profession standards, or showing that an injury would not have occurred but for the patient’s own negligence.

In situation in which a doctor has pursued a non-traditional treatment (with the consent of the patient), we may argue that a respectable minority of medical professionals supports that line of treatment. We also steadfastly advocate for dismissal of a claim when it has been filed past the statute of limitations.

When adverse administrative prosecutions and disciplinary investigations are brought against our clients, we advocate aggressively for them before professional-licensing bodies.

We also defend pharmaceutical and medical-device companies in claims against their products and/or marketing strategies in nationwide class actions, as well as individual cases venued in the nation’s most plaintiff-friendly jurisdictions.